Adapt your DMP: part 3


This is the third of seven 'Adapt your DMP' sections in this tour guide. After working on this chapter, you should be able to define the processing that will be done to your data during the project.

To adapt your DMP, consider the following elements and corresponding questions:

  • How will you version your data files (and scripts) during the project?
  • Will you create and/or follow a convention for versioning your data?
  • Who will be responsible for securing that a “Masterfile” will be maintained, documented and versioned according to the project guidelines?
  • How can different versions of a data file be separated?

In order to be able to link your work to other research, it might be useful to build on established terminologies as well as commonly used coding and soft- and hardware wherever this is possible.

  • Which software and hardware will you use? How does this relate to other research?

If applicable:

  • Will established terminologies/ontologies (i.e. structured controlled vocabularies) be used in the project? If not, how does yours relate to established ones?
  • Which coding is used (if any)? How does this relate to other research?
  • How will data quality be evaluated?
  • What data quality control measures will be used?”

For easy reference, we have put together a list of DMP-questions for all chapters in this tour guide. You can view and download the checklist as pdf (CESSDA, 2019a) or editable form (CESSDA, 2019b), and keep them as a reference while you are studying the contents of this guide.